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Beds: 6Baths: 2Mq: 89

Villasimius, Villasimius


Beds: 6Baths: 2Mq: 89

Villasimius, Villasimius

Price on request
Villasimius: Apartment in residence with swimming-pool

Villasimius: Apartment for rent in residence with swimming-pool

via dei Tamerici loc. Campulongu 09049 Villasimius CA Sardegna, Italia

Beds: 4Bath: 1


Price on request

Beds: 4Bath: 1


Price on request
Villasimius: Apartment in a residence with swimming-pool

Villasimius: Apartment for rent in a residence with swimming-pool

Via dei Tamerici loc. Campulongu 09049 Villasimius CA Sardegna, Italia

Beds: 6Bath: 1


Price on request

Beds: 6Bath: 1


Price on request
Villasimius: Studio apartment for rent in a residence with swimming-pool

Villasimius: Studio apartment for rent in a residence with swimming-pool

Via dei Tamerici loc. Campulongu 09049 Villasimius CA - Sardegna, Italia

Beds: 2Bath: 1Mq: 20


Price on request

Beds: 2Bath: 1Mq: 20


Villasimius, what to see and do

Villasimius is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy a holiday of sun, sea and fun, without sacrificing to discover the cultural heritage of the place.

We are located in south-eastern Sardinia, land with ancient origins and partly shrouded in mystery. Starting from the name, which seems to derive from the ancient village simius; according to some scholars the place name could derive from the Latin semus, that is “disappeared”. This refers to the depopulation of coastal areas during the Middle Ages, a phenomenon caused by frequent Saracen raids. Others believe that the origin is to be found in the drought that afflicted the waterways.

From Villasimius you can easily explore the surrounding area.An apartment or house on site can be the ideal solution to have a base from which to organize trips to Isola dei Cavoli and Isola di serpentara, without neglecting the archaeological sites of this area of Sardinia.

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Apartments, houses and villas for rent in Villasimius

Apartments, houses and villas for sale in Villasimius

Rent sea houses and villas Villasimius

The area of Villasimius is one of the most known of all Sardinia. The beauty of the beaches and the water, makes this town and all this area of Sardinia, especially appreciated by Italian and international tourism.

All the solutions that we provide in Villasimius are studied to offer you a maximum of comfort, in an atmosphere which has been cared of in the smallest details.

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Sale properties, villas, houses Villasimius

High-end housing solutions with outstanding finishes: those are the characteristics of the houses, villas and apartments that we have in the sales catalogue in Villasimius.

Do not hesitate to contact us now for any information or question.

Buying a property in Villasimius is an ideal choice, as much for families who want to settle there as for a profitable investment for the future.

What to see in Villasimius

To say Villasimius means sea. White sand and crystal clear water, not to be missed are the beaches of Porto carbonara, simius, traias and Punta molentis. A pearl is the Rice Beach, characterized by the sand and the Domus de janas, ancient tombs carved into the rock.

Lovers of history and archaeology can not miss a visit to the archaeological sites, especially the necropolis of Cruccuris and accu is traias. Valuable Roman baths of S. Maria and the settlement first Punic and then Roman of Cuccureddus, and of course the typical nuraghi that meet moving more towards the interior.

In Villasimius there are two important museums: the Archaeological Museum and the Sea Museum, with its underwater treasures that accompany visitors to discover the ancient local civilization.

Do not miss the natural beauties of Porto giunco, starting right from the wonderful panorama that you can enjoy from the promontory, home to a historic Aragonese tower; a stone’s throw away is the pond of Notteri, habitats of various species of rare birds including flamingos.


Typical of Villasimius is the costedda, a focaccia made with fresh tomatoes or onions that is not found in any other part of Sardinia. Continue the meal with fried ricotta ravioloni or malfatti (gnocchetti), and finish with the delicious typical desserts, especially saedas and pardule.

The flavours of Villasimius gastronomy are enhanced by good local wines, in particular cannonau and vermentino. Exceptional also in famous liqueur myrtle, red or white, and Sardinian brandy, filu de ferru.


Every year, on the third Saturday of July, we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the shipwreck, in memory of the victims of the sea. It is a fascinating procession that leads from the centre to the sea, in front of the Isola dei Cavoli. Right here, on the seabed, lies the statue of the Virgin of the Sea, a sculpture of pinuccio sciola.

On 7 and 8 September is celebrated the Sagra di Santa Maria, a centuries-old ritual through which the people invoke the rains; the celebrations continue for days, among stalls with typical products and shows of all kinds.

Especially in summer there are many events, from the most mundane to the most folkloristic that pass on the traditions of Villasimius, between music and dances.

Best time to visit Villasimius

In summer Villasimius is a melting pot of nightlife, clubs, discos, perfect place for an all’tourism impression of fun, especially in high season. In spring and early autumn it is ideal for families, who can enjoy more peace and immerse themselves in the true soul of the city.

How to get there

By plane, landing in Cagliari-Elmas, you can then continue by car. You can opt for the old and magical coast that runs along the sea. Alternatively, the SS 125 was recently completed.

There is also a direct train service that connects the airport to Cagliari train station, and from here you can reach Villasimius by means of the ARST bus service.

Places in the vicinity:

Villasimius: The harbors

South-eastern coast of Sardinia, in the Protected Area of Capo carbonara in a stretch of sea that goes from Cagliari to Villasimius that represents a true paradise for lovers of the sea.

Marina di Villasimius (tourist)

A pleasant landing place where you can find many services and a number of very useful places, including: ship chandler, bars, ice cream, newsstand, market, tobacco, laundry, perfumery, nautical and sports clothing stores, car rental, scooters and dinghies.

In summer every 20 minutes, there is a shuttle service to the village and the most beautiful beaches in the area with departures to and from the port.

Here is the useful information:

• fixed wharves: 2
• floating docks: 15
• Total berths: 840
• Maximum boat length: 60 m.
• Protected surface water mirror: 72.000 mq
• Overflow dam: 560 m.
• Underwater dam: 220 m.
• Maximum depth: 6.5 m.
• docks: 2 km

The other services are:

• Fuel supply on quay all year round from 8:00 to 20:00
• Water – toilets and showers
• Moorings and moorings
• Divers and divers
• Fire service
• Electricity 220– 380 volts, 125 amps
• Year-round service and storage for boats up to 20 m
• Aspiration of bilges
• Waste and waste
• video surveillance
• Parking space
• Weather Service
• Free WiFi
• Cash dispenser
• Pharmacy and parapharmacy
• launching of haulage and rest
Marina di Villasimius (tourist) – Via degli oleandri 10, Porto 09049 Villasimius (CA)
Telephone: +39 070 7978006 – F. +39 070 797276
VHF Channel 24/24 Channel 9