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Costa Rei

Living in Costa Rei Muravera, what to see and what to do

Costa Rei, part of Muravera, is located in the South-East, in the region of Sarrabus, a name coming from Saeprus, Roman name of the Flumendosa river.

International tourist destination, Costa Rei is a place offering an unspoilt beauty: fine white sand, crystal clear water, welcoming population, mild climate even in winter and dream landscapes : this stop-over should not miss during a trip to the South of Sardinia.

A jewel nestled between land and sea, perfect for tranquillity lovers but also for those looking for some entertainment.

Houses, apartments and villas in Costa Rei, sale and rental

Famous for its white sandy beaches, for the turquoise sea and for the fascinating bays, Costa Rei is one of the most popular tourist destinations, also for diving, windsurfing and snorkelling.

Discover our complete catalogue of houses, apartments and villas for rent and for sale in Costa Rei, in order to find the best solution for your needs:

House, apartment and villa rental in Costa Rei

Renting an apartment or villa in Costa Rei allows you to explore the surroundings such as Villasimius and San Vito, with all the comforts of a place to stay where you feel at home.

You will be able to choose between the waterfront apartments, from which to enjoy the typical breeze of the place, as well as among the prestigious villas if you wish the maximum of comfort and privacy.

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What to see?

On Costa Rei territory and in the province of Muravera in general, you will find important archaeological sites. Among them, the Domus de Janas (house of fairies), one of the most brilliant testimonies of the pre-nuragic civilisation, has a special appeal.

The Bay of Costa Rei is considered one of the best in the world, ideal to visit even with young children, since the sea is almost always calm, and near the rocks, amazing natural pools are formed. A uniqueness? In the bay, there is the Scoglio di Peppino, a granite block reproducing the shape of a whale and which became a destination for lovers.

On the promontory stands the Casa della Contessa (house of the countess), abandoned today, that was said to be the first house in this area. Coste Rei is indeed, a rather recent town, built in the 60s; the view is breathtaking, and you can feel a particularly suggestive atmosphere through the arcades.

Wine and gastronomy

Given its location, the food of Costa Rei is rich in fish dishes. Seafood to taste even raw, vermicelli con polpa di arrizzonis (pasta with sea urchins), burrida (with dogfish) and cassola de pisci (fish soup); do not forget to enjoy the meal with a glass of fresh Nuragus.

No fear for those who prefer dishes with ingredients from the land; the roast suckling pig is typical and delicious, but there are also dishes like pork or chicken stew and stuffed chicken; in this case, we suggest a Monica di Sardegna or a Cannonau


Town conducive to initiatives, we want to remind, among the most characteristic ones, the Summer Carnival, a real dressed-up party where the most famous and typical masks of the region parade. The Sagra degli Agrumi (citrus festival) is just as interesting. With more than half a century of tradition, this event brings together tourists from around the world.

In the nearby town of Muravera, you can attend to Nodas, a festival dedicated to traditional music and dance, with guests from other towns, telling the atmosphere of their culture through the sounds.

Best time to visit Costa Rei

To make the most of the nature trails and the organised events, the months from May to September are ideal to plan your holidays.

In any case, the mild climate gives appeal to Costa Rei even during the colder seasons, disclosing unique panoramas and an unexpected charm.

How to come to Costa Rei

By plane, it is better to land in Cagliari-Elmas. From there, by car, you need to take the SS 554 towards Villasimius and you will need around an hour to arrive. From Olbia, you have to go South on the SS 125 and then to follow the signs to Lanusei.

There is no train station in Costa Rei, but there are excellent bus and coach connections. From Cagliari, the service is provided by the ARST

Locality nearby:

  • Sant’Elmo
  • Villasimius
  • Cala Sinzias

Costa Rei Muravera: Ports

Nearby there are some well equipped marinas listed below. There are other marinas scattered along the southern coast including Marina di Calaverde, Marina del Sole, Marina di Perd’e sali, Marina di bonaria, Marina Piccola, Marina di teulada, Marina Sant’Elmo.

Marina di Villasimius

In the Marine Protected Area of Capo carbonara there is a marina that can accommodate 840 boats for a maximum length of 60 meters. Two fixed docks, two docks and 15 floating docks.
The services available are:

Electricity 220 – 380 volts, 125 amps
Fuel distributor in dock from 08:00/20:00
Weather service
Fire service
Water – Toilets and showers
Lighting of docks
Aspiration of bilges
Video surveillance

Marina di villaputzu

Tourist port in the municipality of villaputzu, between Capo San Lorenzo and Capo ferrato, about 31 M south of Arbatax. It is constituted from the pier of sopraflutto, from that of sottoflutto and from a dock of shore with some jetties, hours of continuous access. There are 400 berths for a maximum length of 30 meters.

Some useful features to consider:

Sea bottom: sand and mud
Backdrops: max 4 mt
Winds: mistral– traverse: sirocco– redoubt: mistral
Nearest safe areas: quirra beach, 4 m north, exposed from NE to SE

The services are:

Refuelling station for fuel
Electricity (220–380 V)
Water and dock lighting
Slide – Rolling ladder
Travel lift up to 50 tons
Storage in open air
Washing of hulls
Divers and fire extinguishers
Weather Service
Ecological area
Car parking
Toilets and showers
Assistance 24 h
POS payments
Bike rental

Marina of Villasimius:

Telephone +39 070 7978006

VHF Service h. 24|24 Channel 09
The marina of villaputzu:

Telephone 346 1655337 – 393 9238909

Hours August from 8:30 pm; 13:00 pm and from 15:00 pm; 19:00 pm

Radio: vhf channel 74 – for emergencies ch 16