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Taxes on the house in Italy– What are the fees for the house in Italy

Taxes house in Italy: We want brief you about everything you do not know and that no one has ever told you.

We talk about the costs to deal with to have a home, the fees and the possible taxes to pay once you will be the owners of the house of your dreams.

To find out about home taxes in Italy or What are the taxes for the house in Sardinia” let our expert partners in international taxation guide you. In this way, you will not have any bad surprises but you will be aware, by simple and usable information, of all the Italian and Swiss taxation.

Taxes on the house in Italy: You will receive two detailed reports:

The first is the Italian one, which aims to identify the main annual management fees regarding real estate, the charges, the taxes and the rate of return;

The second is the one concerning your country of origin (Switzerland, France, Belgium), where a tax simulation will be carried out which includes two elements: the property tax and the incidence on the income tax.

It is not over here, would you like to move to Sardinia and then move your tax residence in Italy? know that there are great facilities for all those who want to move to Sardinia, if you want more information on this topic read here!!!

Taxes on the house in Italy–How we guarantee our Tax Consultation


The consultation is entrusted exclusively to Certified Accountants and specialists in accounting and international taxation, experts of the sector.


None of the information that you will communicate to us, will be disclosed to third parties, we always guarantee the privacy of our customers.


The guarantee is given by the possibility to check our registration to the professional order.

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