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The trend of the tourism real estate market in Sardinia has not been affected by any particular slowdown over the past years, despite the economic crisis that has reached Italy.It happened because tourism on the island continues to grow. The constant request for some areas allows buying a house in Sardinia serenely, being aware to manage to pay off the expenses quite quickly.

Moreover, the purchase request comes especially from foreign markets where the purchasing power has not been affected by the recent financial turmoil.Purchase and sale in Sardinia can therefore provide pleasant profit margins for anyone who wishes to invest in this market.

And even for those who simply choose to live there: the island is populated by tourists to make friends with and exchange experiences.The market trend is very active and in constant development.

Take advantage of the tourism real estate market trend in Sardinia

To manage to make money with a house in Sardinia and take advantage of the tourism real estate market, you need to find the right house, located in a strategic place of the island.If you wish to buy a house in Sardinia to have a safe monthly income rent, it is necessary to understand which places are appreciated by tourists.

These days, tourism in Sardinia is moving to the inland areas of the island. Indeed, the Coastal Protection Decree prohibited the construction within 2 km of the shore.Houses in more unknown areas and closer to the hinterland are therefore perfect for an investment in the tourism real estate market in Sardinia.

In addition to the tranquility offered by those places, the tourists will indeed be attracted by the authenticity of the population and also by the rural nature of the small villages.Furthermore, these localities are about to benefit from a major revaluation, which is the reason why an investment to buy a house in Sardinia could be profitable quickly.

If you want to buy a property in Sardinia to rent it, it will be possible to pay the costs off in a short time and to make a great profit also.

Affordable house prices in Sardinia

As we said, small hamlets and villages in the hinterland are about to experience an increase of rental requests.The purchase requests for houses in Sardinia are meant to these small centers both for their affordable prices as for their excellent location on the island.

Depending on the province, the price per square meter is variable:as indicated by the IMO, the Sardinia region has a price of the apartments of about 1,900 €/m² (on average throughout the region), so about 27% less than average prices in the Liguria region and about 102% more than average prices in the Calabria region.
The average price of the apartments is not very uniform between the individual municipalities of the region, although in most cases it is between 1,550 €/m² and 2,200 €/m²

If you decide to rent a house in Sardinia in a small village, you will be able to enjoy relaxing holidays, far away from hustle and bustle of the city.A little piece of paradise where you can enjoy white beaches with crystal clear waters and steep mountains with forests and Mediterranean maquis.In addition to an attractive price, you will enjoy your house in Sardinia for its proximity to historical and naturalistic places of interest, shops and nightlife spots or with spaces dedicated to leisure and sport activities for children.

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