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Purchase Procedure: How to buy a house in Sardinia

It’s easy … once you’ve found the house of your dreams, you can contact us by sending a request using the form, by phone or in our offices in Geneva.

With its skills, Insardinia proves to be the ideal interlocutor to provide a correct and effective consulting to finally achieve your dream: buy a house in Sardinia. is a partner of prestigious real estate agencies carefully selected and having their headquarters in Sardinia; together, we will give a fundamental support to the buyer, providing a range of essential services to buy your house in Sardinia.

Whether for an investment, a house for your retirement or a vacation home, we will give you all our support.

Buying a house is a very difficult procedure if you don’t know well the Italian bureaucratic and fiscal aspect, we truly believe that the potential buyer should be aware of many aspects, therefore we will take into account the technical, bureaucratic, fiscal, legal and territorial, elements, related to the purchase of a real estate in Sardinia.

This is how we work

Assistance Service

Answering quickly and in an extensive way to your requests, in professional manners and in the shortest time possible, allows us to stand out, by offering a 360 ° satisfaction. We will be attentive to your needs during the whole purchase process of your house in Sardinia, write us and tell us how you would like your house in Sardinia.

Technical and bureaucratic aspects

An essential service for buyers.

Communicating in the same language, documents to request at negotiation stage, building permits, ownership title, cadastral plans, certificates of conformity of the equipments: here are only a few of the many documents to ask for at the time of purchase.

Insardinia, together with Sardinian real estate agencies, will consider these important aspects related to the purchase of your property.

Sometimes, the period to collect these documents could be extended for bureaucratic reasons, our commitment and our professionalism, will make this step easier, shortening additional delays.

A tailor made interpreter service in negotiations

The smooth running and success of your purchase also depends on the quality of the interpreting service:

it is a demanding and complex discipline, which requires high-level skills.

We only provide mother tongue interpreters, with excellent terminology and high territorial skills,

the target languages are German, French, English and Italian.

One of our consultants will follow you during the whole negotiations until the notarial deed.

Profitability of the property

We will calculate the rate of return of your property, a complete report will provide an estimate of the rate of return.

Investors and real estate agents use it to understand efficiently the amount of income generated by the property.

A simple calculation to have a “forecast” of the real estate investment done.

A mortgage in Italy

If you need a mortgage to buy a house on the most fascinating island of the Mediterranean, you only need to read some of our useful tips that you will find on the website, we will provide some other valuable information during consulting.

Taxes, charges, costs of your house, property tax and income tax

You will receive two detailed reports:

The first is the Italian one, which aims to identify the main annual management fees regarding real estate, the charges, the taxes and the rate of return;

The second is the one concerning your country of origin (Switzerland, France, Belgium), where a tax simulation will be carried out which includes two elements: the property tax and the incidence on the income tax.

House management

Entrusting and managing your house in Sardinia is a very delicate task, where specific skills, seriousness, proven experience, professionalism and a range of precautions that only those who know this job can offer, are needed. Nothing is improvised.

The opening and closing of the house, the care of the rooms, the maintenance and a perfect hygiene are some of the priority facets for us.

We will find the agency that suits you and can manage your house if you don’t wish to take care of it personally.

Furnish your home with style

Rustic or contemporary? Vintage or Shabby? Let us advise you on the refined or typical shops of the island.

Choose the most suitable style for your house in Sardinia, we offer various solutions in different styles.

Renovate your house

We collaborate with architecture professionals who base their work on landscapes studies and on the relations between the values ​​of the Sardinian way of life and contemporary and technological innovations. Each project is an opportunity to offer tailor-made design solutions, maximum comfort and a quality in everyday life spaces, giving life to fascinating and variable atmospheres, thanks to a particular care into details, use of materials, sustainability and respect for the place.

Various solutions will be offered during consulting.

Information on the property and on the place

Our partners in Sardinia are speaking; who better than them could give you other valuable information about your future home?

We are talking about important aspects to assess if your house is located in a quiet zone rather than in a lively area, in a reserved or rather an extroverted neighbourhood? And the spot? Is it highly sought after or still unknown with the need to be valued?

These are only some of the points that can affect your decision, another good reason to rely on us.

The smartest way to find your house in Sardinia