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Packing and move to Sardinia is maybe one of the most shared wishes of European people. The ease of access to Sardinia from Switzerland and from all over Europe (even beyond) explains why Sardinian real estate market is always interesting. 

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Properties for sale sardinia italy ;A guide to facilitate your purchase

Houses in Sardinia are an excellent investment for those who wish to dedicate themselves to cultural and social experiences with people who seem rough at first sight, but who are of a pure simplicity and with a heart in gold.

In addition, leaving for a land where time goes by more slowly and where a holiday atmosphere is always present is the ideal remedy for those who wish to spend their lives in tranquility.Houses located in hamlets and small villages allow appreciating wonderful panoramas on the ​​Sardinian sea. Without putting aside full relaxation and entertainment days.

Retirees are choosing Sardinia

Going to live in Sardinia as a pensioner is convenient and has many benefits. You fell in love with this beautiful land and want to spend your retirement in peace? Want to experience a more relaxed lifestyle compared to big cities? So you should think about buying a house in Sardinia and live there.

In case you shouldn’t know yet this famous Italian island, nicknamed “the Caribbean of the Mediterranean“, we suggest to take a look at some pictures or videos online to get thrilled by its charm and by the naturalness of its places.Dream beaches with crystal clear waters and large expanses of Mediterranean maquis, breathtaking landscapes, forests and mountains await you to live your retirement.

Proximity to Switzerland and other places in Europe, move to Sardinia you’d better

Sardinia is an enchanting place to spend a well deserved retirement in serenity. The life quality there is excellent and the costs are quite moderated. To reach Sardinia from Switzerland or from other European countries, connections are regular and fast. You can choose a convenient air travel or a relaxing trip by ferry.

From the economic and fiscal point of view, Italy guarantees moderated costs in Sardinia. The cost of living in Sardinia can be up to 50% lower than in other Italian cities. Many villages and small hamlets, amazing for history and culture, are welcoming with open arms retired people who decide to enjoy life in Sardinia.

The foreign pension is more than enough to live comfortably in Sardinia. It allows any pensioner to make a good life in a place with a good climate, wonderful beaches and culinary delights. The knowledge of the Italian language is a further advantage. It will make you feel more comfortable at the market, in small shops and in public areas.

Those who decide to move to Sardinia as pensioners are thus aware of finding much better living standards compared to their home country, financially and from the point of view of opportunities.

Costs of houses in Sardinia and bureaucracy

Going to live in Sardinia as a pensioner offers also the economic benefits of buying a house.The costs of houses in Sardinia are much lower compared to the rest of Europe. In addition, retiring to a land where time goes by more slowly and where a holiday atmosphere is always present is the ideal remedy for those who wish to spend their retirement years in tranquility.

In case you plan to live in Sardinia as pensioners, we always advise to consider in time the bureaucratic procedures to buy a house in Sardinia, in order to avoid troubles with the Italian laws and take full advantage of an experience that will completely change your life.

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