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Retired in Sardinia: Have you ever thought about it?

Retired in Sardinia: Have you ever thought about it?

Retired in Sardinia

After a working life, spent in a big city characterized for most of the time by smog, and gray, it is natural to want to spend the period of retirement in a better place. Would you like to be a retired in Sardinia?

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Given the starting bases, it would be desirable to go to any other place, but usually it is hoped the best possible, and in Italy there is a Region, on all, that perfectly frames this hope, and it is Sardinia.

For this reason if you ask a new pensioner where he would go to live to enjoy the pension, most of the time, taken away various family impediments, would answer Sardinia. For its sun, the pristine sea, the cost of living and the feeling of living in a perennial holiday, Sardinia is magical.

To think that this choice is already made by many foreigners who have become accustomed to live there for a few months a year. We cannot speak of a mass phenomenon like that in Portugal, which, as a result of bilateral agreements, has attracted 4 million pensioners from all over Europe in less than a decade.

How many pensioners want to move to a warm place near the sea with an affordable cost of living? There is much more talk about it than before, perhaps because it was foreigners who made us notice that in Italy that place is already there and it is called Sardinia.

In fact, if we think about it well, why is Sardinia the perfect place to live as a pensioner? The sea and the sun have already been mentioned as well as the cost of living, affordable for a pension even with 1500 euros per month.One could probably speak of true paradise because the conditions are all there and are surrounded by the local population, friendly, open and ready to make efforts to come to the rescue in case there is a need.

So why is this beautiful island not being attacked by pensioners from all over Europe, including Italy, of course? the why it is just as easy to explain and has nothing to do with island status and for this reason inaccessible for transfer costs (most of the time this thesis does not hold up due to the number of ways and prices to reach the island).

The truth is that, without any fault, Sardinia remains trapped in the jerseys of the very bad Italian bureaucracy that makes perhaps any investment attempt in the long term. In addition to this there is a level of taxation that is not adapted to places as the prices of rents and expenses do.

So a pensioner who lives the dream, is lucky if he succeeds in achieving it, and he succeeds only if his resources allow him to go beyond the Italian system.

Retired in Sardinia: Sardinia makes you dream

This land is magical, in recent times even more, since it was put on paper the fact that a resident of Sardinia is much more likely to get to one hundred years than all the other inhabitants of the rest of the world.

It seems an exaggeration but it is in fact the case and the statistics show it. Some places in Sardinia are blue zones, a term that indicates a primacy in terms of longevity.

The quality of life is very high, just think of the food, and the enchanted places that seem endless. Despite the brakes of Italy and its economy, the Italian pensioner dreams of Sardinia.

The road is marked for which he expects only that some administrator makes the decisive step and invites the pensioners of Italy through policies of reception but also fiscal, apt to keep our pensioners in our country.

There are many who feel ready for the big step, to their internet is doing a great service since it gives way to know in detail what it is necessary to plan.

A lovely island thanks to the Sardinians

The Sardinian people, although they have never had a leading economy, have over time made important choices for the protection of the natural heritage, and if today many people come on holiday there millions of people is only for the beauty of its pristine coasts.In Sardinia you don’t see the monsters of cement that populate most of the battered Italian continental coasts.

One may think that this policy is at the basis of poor economic development, but there are numbers that show a very strong flow, despite the gap in distance.More than 14 million tourists a year with an average spending level higher than the other most popular resorts, a symptom that beauty pays better. The Sardinian administrations are an expression of the values of the Sardinians, and they preserve this good beyond its economic exploitation.

It’s basically also a reason why a pensioner wants to come and settle in this proud and pristine land. The person planning the transfer is because he shares and wants to be part of it.

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Michele Corrias

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