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Invest in Sardinia sea: Are you ready?

Invest in Sardinia sea: Are you ready?

Invest in Sardinia sea

Many people dream of buying a beach house in Sardinia.” Invest in Sardinia sea “The most important motivation is definitely the love for the view and the contact with a sea of enchanting beauty.” as are the beaches and in general life in close contact with nature.The most attentive investors were able to catch the outflow of tourism from all over the world.

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Who buys a second house in Sardinia knows that he can count on a splendid residence for the holidays, defends his investment, and is protected from the trend of the property market not constant as in other Italian marine resorts.You also have the possibility to receive an income derived from the rent of your own, holiday home.

An investment that provides a guarantee of its value and revaluation, and having the rental card, is quite rare in the domestic real estate market.Purchase by loan is a good opportunity to easily repay the share of the monthly instalment.The context in which to make the real estate investment turns out facilitated from the fact that the tourists are in increase thanks to the potenziamento of the structures of connection, a clear case is the renewed airport of Cagliari.

What is the guarantee for real estate investment sea in Sardinia?

The guarantee for real estate investment in summer tourism is given by the 1850 km of coastline full of beaches, coves and coves made of fine and clear sand with a crystal clear sea as few in the world.The appeal of this land is unique in Europe and is among the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Its potential has not yet been properly expressed by factors being gradually removed.

Communication routes are growing rapidly by air and sea. The increase in tourist flows is a factor influencing the demand for housing and this has two effects.The first one regards the cost of the mq tendentially in increase and we know that in Sardinia the trend that is recorded to national level has never arrived, Second, the demand is also increasing for the rent, as a guarantee of the maintenance of the weekly quota and its continuity.

The theme of where to buy the second house for the purpose of investment, is not so great is the area where natural beauty attracts rivers of tourists. For illustrative purposes we report some that can guide those who are considering investing in real estate sea in Sardinia:

In the southern part of the island dominates Villasimius which covers a stretch where the beaches are particularly beautiful, up to – Costa Rei
– to the east the Gulf of Orosei
– north of the Costa Smeralda
– Stintino and S.ta Teresa di Gallura
West of the Costa Verde. The list could go on for much longer with Sant’Antioco, Chia and many others.

Invest in Sardinia sea:The development of Sardinia

The sea is the driving force of real estate investment, there is no doubt, compared to other territories interested in mass tourism, the foresight of administrators has made that natural beauty was protected.There are 500 thousand hectares placed in natural reserve, and they are found all over the island. Fauna and flora are so from time immemorial and so will remain. A guarantee for the maintenance of the value of the investment, because we know that when the sea is no longer considered to be of quality, flows fall and prices have to be adjusted downwards.

The quantity of coasts rich in charm and their beauty, can confuse those who intend to invest in Sardinia sea or a second home. The best guarantee of a good investment is probably the infrastructure present.To the south the houses cost less than the north, generalizing, the margin of improvement is very high sight is the proximity to Cagliari that to the structures of connection.

Entire villages have arisen in a short time. Tourism in the north is more concentrated in fashion towns, which is why the investment is affected by waves linked to the presence of the jet set. To the south instead we go for the beautiful sea and for life in contact with nature.

It’s important to understand the motivation of tourism to attend one or the other area because you have more vision of the future price trend. The modaioli aspects hide dangers of decrease of the question inherent just in the genre of acquaintance.Places that are visited for the natural beauties have the possibility to rely on a tow that can not fail. In the latter case, there will be more opportunities to increase the capital invested.The growth trend of the localities in the south, in the medium term should give greater satisfaction.


A final point to take into account is the presence of tourist hotel facilities. Where investments have already been concentrated, there is a greater chance that others will develop. This is a custom in the real estate sector that tends to massify investments in contiguous territories.It is easy to understand that where there is already a tourist flow, an inducement develops which in turn increases the demand for housing, as well as in an expanding chain.

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